Monday, January 31, 2011

Croissant pour ma Cheri!

On particularily cold days, like today, 15 degrees below zero, I prefer not to leave the house (for obvious reasons!), and today, Neal and I both had a day off. You might think that I am a poor soul to live in such conditions, but I actually like the cold days. It gives me every excuse to not go anywhere, and cuddle up in bed with the heating blanket, a good book, some hot cocoa, and today, with my husband! So Neal and I had a wonderful day at home, and I figured, with Neal's birthday coming up, and a whole day to spend at home, I would attempt the piece de resistance of french baking, and the one baked good Neal will eat, the elusive Croissant (in uppercase because it deserves much respect!). So after five hours of multiple complicated steps, including banging cold butter with a rolling pin, I am rewarded with the wonderful smell, taste, and sound (Neal is moaning as he eats them) of my hard work. When its cold outside, and I am far from my family, baking is one comfort that makes me feel warm and peaceful, and I particularily enjoy having it eaten up before I am tempted to eat it all myself!


Megan said...

This post made me smile. How well do you think croissants would do in the mail? Hint hint hint :)

Nan said...

I know that making Croissants was definately a labor of love! They look amazing! I'm glad that I don't have "smellevision" that would be torturous.