Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter and the Arrival of Spring!

Hello all, hope all is well with everyone, we miss you and hope to see you soon. Neal and I having been very busy celebrating warmer weather. I about screamed when I first saw little green grasses among all the brown ( I actually did scream). Winter is over, and it feels like a different world, in the knowledge of that. Along with spring, we have a new arrival ourselves...a bahbb..
not!...its a dog haha, gotcha!
His name is Buckley and Neal found him on base chasing cars. The dog came over to Neal and stuck by his side, and it was love, for Neal! Of all the people, Neal was asking me if we could bring him home. But soon he tugged on my heart, and after about two and half weeks with no calls from the found posters we put up, Neal is determined to keep, and I can't object. Itseems without sounding hasty, that he is the perfect dog for us, even though it feels a bit like a zoo at home. He has alreadygone hiking and camping with us, and its almost feels like he has been a major part in getting us out in the open to experience spring. Here are some pictures of our adventures. Some are from us camping with friends near the Sun river. Some are from us hiking at the Sluece Boxes, which is a trail that follows an old rail line.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The New Year brings in New Experiences

Happy February, almost March! Neal and I hope you all have had good starts to the new year. We have been just fine, albeit a little busier than we would like. Neal and I started a new school semester, which I am in no place to complain, but Neal is swamped!! On top of his two night classes til 10 pm on Monday and Wednesdays, he has been volunteering for a Boy Scout troop, and continuing to become a leader at his job. If I were him I would be too exhausted to breathe, but he always is cheery and loving, no matter what his day has been like. I of course, having a jealous nature, wish his job was being with me, so I have to slap myslef and be as loving as supportive as I can.

One accomplishment that I can say about myself is that I succeeded in buying a car all by myself. After months of trying to figure out what we should do about our beloved but expensive to maintain LandRover, we decided to sell/trade it in for something smaller and more reliable. In conclusion, I got over my shyness and passiveness, and got exactly what we needed for the Landrover, talked down the price 2K on a subaru in great condition, and also got a warrantyon it. I never thought I could but a car without getting completely taken, but I actually enjoyed it, mostly I enjoy knowing I got what paid for. You know you've got a good deal when you make your car dealer say, "your killing me Molly!" Hehe, thank you , thank you...

We did finally get a little break last weekend. We drove to Bozeman, with Deanna and Jason for a little two day trip celebrating Neal and Deanna's birthday. Bozeman is a great city, it is set in a valley, so there is a great view of the Mountains, and the old town buildings have been kept up well. It has a few colleges, a ski resort and has managed to maintain a small town feel (bc it is a small town). Neal and I both could see ourselves living there if we are to stay in Montana. I'll let Neal tell you about the most amazing dinner that we had, himself especially. All I will say is that I will soon be calling him Elmer Fudd. Of course i didn't take any pictures! I am so bad about that. Don't you wish there was a picture fairy that could take the snapshots of all your favorites memories, so you didn't have to? Oh well, maybe one day. Here are a few from the trip:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our Christmas with the Fields'

This Christmas, Deanna and I wanted to make sure we that we got all we could out of Christmas. We put out all the stops and had Goose! We also served a cranberry cornbread dressing with asparagus. We even ventured to attempt one of Julia Child's recipes (from her cookbook that I recieved from Neal on my birthday). It called for numerous steps, but the end result was fabulous!

Monday, January 11, 2010

What Hasn't Happened

Neal and I have been so neglectful with this blog that it is needless to say what hasn't happened to us since last April. Megan, my sister in law has genuinely inspired me to get into the habit of writing. If she can do it with all that she has going on, so can I! And so, in this new year, we will be writing or you can slap us both. (That means you would have to visit us to do so!)
Since last April we haven't remained at the same apartment, that we loved, but could not pass up a free brand new home! Ta da!

Neal and I are very blessed and we very much enjoy the space. Recently we have converted one of our extra rooms in what I like to call "the cure for cabin fever". We both have all these little projects going on that we usually don't finish before we have to pick them up, but this room lets it all hang out there until we can finish them. So when the temperature hits 20 below and we think that there is nothing to do, we can just go to that room. If only it had an espresso machine in it. Wouldn't it be lovely? As I finish these projects, I will be sure to post them! see ya soon.