Friday, August 22, 2008

epics, adventures, and lightsaber popsicles

montana's summer is so beautiful. last week we went to a river that runs through a canyon. there are waterfalls, cliffs to dive off of, and caves to explore (it was probably at a refreshing 60 degrees). We had a blast. latley we've been renting epic movies. one weekend we rented all three lord of the rings, and the next weekend we rented all three star wars movies. during one of the star wars movies molly brought us some popsicles and she initiated a light saber battle. she was really funny. well thats pretty much everything, oh and i allmost got bitten by a four foot prarie rattle snake, scared the %$#@ out of me.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The new in newlyweds

First of all Neal and I apologize for the lack of posts, we ae about to get a reliable way to be on the internet and so our blog will be updated much more frequently than in the past. So far, Montana has been very good to us, we feel very blessed with all that God has done for us. Neal has been working so much lately and I have found myself feeling lonely and depressed. With all the new changes in our lives and the lack of spending time with Neal, I realized how much I needed a friend. But God seriously brought me a wonderful friend, Deanna. We both are newly married, in the military, and new to Great Falls. At first it was scary how much we have in common but we can both attest that we couldn't have met at a better time. Yay!
Other than that we have been enjoying the weather. Montana is so beautiful!! Last weekend we hiked to the sleuce boxes, which is a river near Great Falls, where you can fly fish and go tubing and cave diving. It makes you feel like you are no where near a city. I will have pictures up soon! Neal was almost bitten by a prairie rattlesnake, you know how Neal is with snakes, he jumped like five feet when he saw it. ughh. But luckily the Montanans that we were with thought it would be fun to get close to it and throw rocks at it, in the end killing it. blechh
ok bye!