Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our Christmas with the Fields'

This Christmas, Deanna and I wanted to make sure we that we got all we could out of Christmas. We put out all the stops and had Goose! We also served a cranberry cornbread dressing with asparagus. We even ventured to attempt one of Julia Child's recipes (from her cookbook that I recieved from Neal on my birthday). It called for numerous steps, but the end result was fabulous!

Monday, January 11, 2010

What Hasn't Happened

Neal and I have been so neglectful with this blog that it is needless to say what hasn't happened to us since last April. Megan, my sister in law has genuinely inspired me to get into the habit of writing. If she can do it with all that she has going on, so can I! And so, in this new year, we will be writing or you can slap us both. (That means you would have to visit us to do so!)
Since last April we haven't remained at the same apartment, that we loved, but could not pass up a free brand new home! Ta da!

Neal and I are very blessed and we very much enjoy the space. Recently we have converted one of our extra rooms in what I like to call "the cure for cabin fever". We both have all these little projects going on that we usually don't finish before we have to pick them up, but this room lets it all hang out there until we can finish them. So when the temperature hits 20 below and we think that there is nothing to do, we can just go to that room. If only it had an espresso machine in it. Wouldn't it be lovely? As I finish these projects, I will be sure to post them! see ya soon.