Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The New Year brings in New Experiences

Happy February, almost March! Neal and I hope you all have had good starts to the new year. We have been just fine, albeit a little busier than we would like. Neal and I started a new school semester, which I am in no place to complain, but Neal is swamped!! On top of his two night classes til 10 pm on Monday and Wednesdays, he has been volunteering for a Boy Scout troop, and continuing to become a leader at his job. If I were him I would be too exhausted to breathe, but he always is cheery and loving, no matter what his day has been like. I of course, having a jealous nature, wish his job was being with me, so I have to slap myslef and be as loving as supportive as I can.

One accomplishment that I can say about myself is that I succeeded in buying a car all by myself. After months of trying to figure out what we should do about our beloved but expensive to maintain LandRover, we decided to sell/trade it in for something smaller and more reliable. In conclusion, I got over my shyness and passiveness, and got exactly what we needed for the Landrover, talked down the price 2K on a subaru in great condition, and also got a warrantyon it. I never thought I could but a car without getting completely taken, but I actually enjoyed it, mostly I enjoy knowing I got what paid for. You know you've got a good deal when you make your car dealer say, "your killing me Molly!" Hehe, thank you , thank you...

We did finally get a little break last weekend. We drove to Bozeman, with Deanna and Jason for a little two day trip celebrating Neal and Deanna's birthday. Bozeman is a great city, it is set in a valley, so there is a great view of the Mountains, and the old town buildings have been kept up well. It has a few colleges, a ski resort and has managed to maintain a small town feel (bc it is a small town). Neal and I both could see ourselves living there if we are to stay in Montana. I'll let Neal tell you about the most amazing dinner that we had, himself especially. All I will say is that I will soon be calling him Elmer Fudd. Of course i didn't take any pictures! I am so bad about that. Don't you wish there was a picture fairy that could take the snapshots of all your favorites memories, so you didn't have to? Oh well, maybe one day. Here are a few from the trip: