Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Tour!

Here's a tour of my downstairs, enjoy!

As you can see, I have quite the entourage! Buckley follows me wherever I go. (pretty annoying actually!) The maps on the wall are 1950s school maps, probably my favorite find! We have one more, of South America, and I'd like to have the entire set (I need Africa, North America, and The Poles) Stay tuned for more!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Goodbye and Hello!

In the past few weeks, and the weeks coming up, life has thrown many curve balls at me, insisting that the life as I have known for the past few years will have to change. Starting out, I am no longer pursuing my degree here, having finally made up the decision that when I do eventually shell out thousands of dollars on an education it should be on something I enjoy and will put to good use. So, I am no longer a student. Also, I have given my notice at the bakery, and in a few weeks I will begin being a nanny a few days a week. I will have much more time on my hands, and have begun to see how I need to reinvest that time in my marriage and my home. Neal’s work schedule, and my own schedule never gave me the time to have any sort of order for doing wifely things on a normal basis, it’s always the last minute exasperations, “agh! I have no clean clothes, better do the laundry!” and “Oh yeah, dinner…” So, I am looking forward to just being a wife for a season, and now, through it all, I am seeing how God has brought me to this point in my life, so goodbye to school and the bakery, and hello home and family. But of course, it would be too easy for the military to leave Neal and me alone to ourselves for a while. He was “voluntold” last Tuesday that he has to go down to Wyoming for six weeks to be an instructor for training… and he leaves tomorrow. So, I’ve been a mess, trying to muster the strength to do this again, out of thin air, without any fair warning. Yes, it’s not Afghanistan for a year, but six weeks feels a lot longer than it sounds. Goodbye Neal, Hello my lonesome. But I will have some things to keep me busy, like finishing our bedroom, and a few other crafty things that have been on my to-do lists for a while. Here’s a sneak peak of our bedroom, our new bed was free from our good friends Mark and Nancy, the linens are Target. I’m trying to fill it with all our found things from Montana, and make it as peaceful as possible. Still trying to figure out exactly what I am going to use for side tables and wall hangings, and I might paint our dresser white. Our other bed will be used as a guest bed, which I love love love, but it is nice to have the queen sized space! (The lump is my cat)

Also, hello spring!! I am wary to say it, but the harsh winter is easing up. Of course we are expecting at least one more doozie of a storm before winter is completely over (June).

Monday, March 7, 2011

Enlightening Montanans, one bowl at a time.

Since working at the bakery, I have been able to meet many wonderful people, from all over the country. Just recently, the bakery hired Nancy, a delightful girl, whom I had the pleasure of training on the bar. As we got to know each other, I found that she is orginally from Abbeville, LA, which is about half an hour from Lafayette, where I was born! We immediately swapped gumbo recipes, she made ettouffe for me, and we both decided to bring some cajun into the mix at work. To quote Anne of Green Gables, we are becoming the bossom-est of friends. So, we made gumbo and king cake to sell at the bakery for Mardi Gras, in hopes of bringing some flavor to the dreary month of March (its 15 degrees outside!). Of course, there is no fresh seafood in sight, but we did find a local meat shop that sells andouille sausage! Happy Mardi Gras!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Deanna's French Bebe Shower!

A few weeks ago I threw Deanna, who is about to have her baby any day, a baby shower, inspired by french comfort food. I really enjoyed planning this, it being my first party that I've thrown in my married career. The main course was french "pizza" or tarts, some with roasted red onion and pepper, leek and brie, and asparagus and chevre. On the side I served french onion soup and homemade baguettes! Dessert was mini chocolate spice gateau with ganache, madeleine cookies and raspberry swirl cheesecakes. I invited some friends from work and Deanna's fellow teachers, and we had a smashing time!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Croissant pour ma Cheri!

On particularily cold days, like today, 15 degrees below zero, I prefer not to leave the house (for obvious reasons!), and today, Neal and I both had a day off. You might think that I am a poor soul to live in such conditions, but I actually like the cold days. It gives me every excuse to not go anywhere, and cuddle up in bed with the heating blanket, a good book, some hot cocoa, and today, with my husband! So Neal and I had a wonderful day at home, and I figured, with Neal's birthday coming up, and a whole day to spend at home, I would attempt the piece de resistance of french baking, and the one baked good Neal will eat, the elusive Croissant (in uppercase because it deserves much respect!). So after five hours of multiple complicated steps, including banging cold butter with a rolling pin, I am rewarded with the wonderful smell, taste, and sound (Neal is moaning as he eats them) of my hard work. When its cold outside, and I am far from my family, baking is one comfort that makes me feel warm and peaceful, and I particularily enjoy having it eaten up before I am tempted to eat it all myself!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hello Again!

Here are some photos of the past year, in order of winter to summer. It seems to me that no matter how much you say you want to do something, it doesn't get done by saying it. What I mean is that I apologize for the absence of postings, and starting from here on out I commit to being better at keeping everyone updated on our little life here in Montana. I have survived two and a half winters here and I think keeping this blog may be my saving grace in getting through the last few and long months of this winter. Starting now, I will be sharing all the small things that keep our life interesting, and what our life has become in the almost 3 three years of our marriage. From work, to home and everything inbetween, I hope you will enjoy getting to know "our Montana." Keep a look out for posts on the baby shower I threw for Deanna, food postings, and all the anecdotes that will go with them.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter and the Arrival of Spring!

Hello all, hope all is well with everyone, we miss you and hope to see you soon. Neal and I having been very busy celebrating warmer weather. I about screamed when I first saw little green grasses among all the brown ( I actually did scream). Winter is over, and it feels like a different world, in the knowledge of that. Along with spring, we have a new arrival ourselves...a bahbb..
not!...its a dog haha, gotcha!
His name is Buckley and Neal found him on base chasing cars. The dog came over to Neal and stuck by his side, and it was love, for Neal! Of all the people, Neal was asking me if we could bring him home. But soon he tugged on my heart, and after about two and half weeks with no calls from the found posters we put up, Neal is determined to keep, and I can't object. Itseems without sounding hasty, that he is the perfect dog for us, even though it feels a bit like a zoo at home. He has alreadygone hiking and camping with us, and its almost feels like he has been a major part in getting us out in the open to experience spring. Here are some pictures of our adventures. Some are from us camping with friends near the Sun river. Some are from us hiking at the Sluece Boxes, which is a trail that follows an old rail line.