Friday, August 22, 2008

epics, adventures, and lightsaber popsicles

montana's summer is so beautiful. last week we went to a river that runs through a canyon. there are waterfalls, cliffs to dive off of, and caves to explore (it was probably at a refreshing 60 degrees). We had a blast. latley we've been renting epic movies. one weekend we rented all three lord of the rings, and the next weekend we rented all three star wars movies. during one of the star wars movies molly brought us some popsicles and she initiated a light saber battle. she was really funny. well thats pretty much everything, oh and i allmost got bitten by a four foot prarie rattle snake, scared the %$#@ out of me.

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Megan said...

We've been watching a lot of series too (including Lord of the Rings) Have you seen, or do you like Harry Potter? We recently watched all five - it was great! Love ya'll!