Monday, June 2, 2008

Muses, Elevators and Laundrymats

Its been two weeks living on the other side of the country and it feels to me like the other side of the world. I had no idea how rooted and attached I was to my southern roots until God replanted Neal and me here in Montana. I knew I would miss my family and friends, ( I really do) but I also miss the little things that surrounded me in Florida. I miss Publix, oak trees with their lazy spanish moss, the beach, daisy (my dog), flip flops and hearing slow extended vowels in the voices around me. At my first day of work at Starbucks, all I got were weird looks as I said "What can I get for y'all?" All I'll say is, I miss y'all.

Other than the culture shock, everyone is helpful and nice and Neal has been very sweet and sensitive to me as I've been missing home. He's my muse, he thinks it is the other way around, but he is so good to me. I can be pretty high-strung and have a constant to-do list in my head but he makes me stop and enjoy all that God has blessed us with. When we first got back, we had so much laundry to do, but Neal makes everything fun, even three hours at the laundrymat on a rainy afternoon turned into a date of cheetos and cokes. We've learned so much about each other and from each other. So here is what we've learned, do take the elevator when your hands are full of groceries, don't ask questions when Neal sleep-talks, do not jump off a skateboard when going 25 miles an hour down a gravel hill, and yes, canadian geese are taking over the world.


Emily said...

I love you and miss you! I can't wait to read more!!

Megan said...

I miss you! I'm going to call you this week - I'm all by lonesome. Thanks for starting a blog, I will enjoy reading it!